Cloisters Cafe Petersfield

Cloisters Cafe Petersfield

Cloisters is simply the Best Cafe in Petersfield

Cloisters Cafe Petersfield Cake SelectionWhat makes a great Cafe? Is it the food, the coffee, the staff or the ambience? I think Cloisters is simply the Best Cafe in Petersfield because it has all four of these attributes. I look forward to my morning visits; often the highlight of my day.

Cloisters Food

Whether it is just Toast & Jam or a Full English Breakfast; a Lunch time snack of Sandwiches; Baguettes or Toasted Panini’s; maybe even something a little bigger like Fish & Chips; a Burger; Roasted Stuffed Peppers or Tapas style Anti Pasti; Cloisters is the place to sample these delights.

Cloisters Coffee & Other Drinks

Cloisters offer a full range of CoffeeAll the usual styles of Coffee can be had in Cloisters Cafe, Petersfield; from Americano through to a Macchiato (whatever that is) the Coffee is of a high standard. They have flavoured Teas (Herbal & Fruit); Smoothies made to order; Beer & Wine though not in the same glass and a selection of soft drinks. While on about drink, Cloisters Lemonade is REAL Lemonade and not the American crap that Costa Coffee offer! By the way, Coffee is only £1.50 before 9:30 am!!!

Cloisters Staff

Now I could have a field day by making jokes about them; they would see the funny side if I did as they are all happy, helpful and dare I say, nice people? Jorge, the owner/head chef is funny (enough about his looks) and great at cooking. The waitresses do a variety of roles; if they have not come to your table to take your order, it is because they are working in the kitchen washing up or serving previous orders to other visitors.

If something is not too your liking or you want more sugar or whatever else, ask, and they will do it for you.

Cloisters has the Best Position in Petersfield for a Cafe

Cloisters position in the Square PetersfieldSituated in one corner of the Square in Petersfield, Cloisters is the only place where you can enjoy your Coffee free from people walking right past your table as they go about their daily business. There are a couple of other Coffee houses around the Square in Petersfield, but their tables are on the often busy footpaths; Cloisters have their area off the footpath., and it’s undercover.

In conclusion: Cloisters has the Best Position in Petersfield for a Cafe & Cloisters is the Best Cafe in Petersfield.