Take a portion of Chips; add a layer of Roast Potatoes followed by a layer of Sauteed Potatoes; then a layer of Croquette Potatoes and top with Mashed Potatoes…

Lay on the floor and eat. It’s the new Low Carb Diet..

Last night I read a medical book; this morning I had a blood test. Alas knowing what rhesus negative is had no bearing on the result…

It was one of those horrible fasting blood tests.

Today is Wednesday. Depending on where you live; it’s either the third or fourth day of the week. If I put on a put on socks saying Thursday; am I forward thinking?

SEO Petersfield

Trying to rank for SEO Petersfield is Totally Bollocks. Why is it some companies try to rank for all and sundry when it comes to SEO? Take my local town of Petersfield; why bother? I […]