SEO Portsmouth: Do I? Don’t I?

Had five new potential clients come through in just one week; so do I or don’t I rekindle WTF SEO and start helping them gain the rankings they desire? Yes I know that back in […]

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Actually Doing SEO in Portsmouth

I will once again be doing SEO in Portsmouth; however it may not be under the WTF SEO banner. A couple of days ago I had a meeting with an old friend of mine (Sean […]

Take a portion of Chips; add a layer of Roast Potatoes followed by a layer of Sauteed Potatoes; then a layer of Croquette Potatoes and top with Mashed Potatoes…

Lay on the floor and eat. It’s the new Low Carb Diet..

Last night I read a medical book; this morning I had a blood test. Alas knowing what rhesus negative is had no bearing on the result…

It was one of those horrible fasting blood tests.

He wondered, is there any job worse than being a Contract Killer? He got the job & there was; he was now a Zero Hour Contract Killer.

Today is Wednesday. Depending on where you live; it’s either the third or fourth day of the week. If I put on a put on socks saying Thursday; am I forward thinking?

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Brewhouse & Kitchen Portsmouth

Possibly the Best Pub and Beer in Britain There are times when you realise that you have discovered something really special. This doesn’t happen very often; yet when it does. You want to tell the […]

Here’s a thought! If you were a member of the Bogey Society and its members went on strike… Would you cross the picket line?

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Ray Owen’s Juicy Lucy

Ray Owen’s Juicy Lucy at Cloisters Cafe Petersfield There is a saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Ray Owen at 69 is not young; as for needing to be taught new […]

Totally Bollocks is Changing!

After only a handful of posts in the last two years, I have decided to re-open Totally Bollocks once again. I have been working on a couple of website builds recently and TB will fit […]


I Just Lost 48 Hours to Labyrinthitis A few years ago I had a bad case of Labyrinthitis; two days ago I had a mild attack and so have been in bed unable to much. […]

SEO Petersfield

Trying to rank for SEO Petersfield is Totally Bollocks. Why is it some companies try to rank for all and sundry when it comes to SEO? Take my local town of Petersfield; why bother? I […]

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Snippets From My Old Blog: David

These posts failed to make the cut to appear in full on Totally Bollocks! I may however resurrect some of these in the near future… Deal to Sell Cheap Cruises I am not sure how […]

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Cheap Cruises

I have re-created this post about Cheap Cruises as my main income is from cruise related websites. I am currently working on Cruisez. Recently I spoke to one of the large cruise travel agent companies […]

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Web Design Petersfield

After much deliberation I have decided to offer Web Design in Petersfield.   Please note that this was a tongue in cheek April Fools and 29p Web Design is no more! This page does rank […]

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I Am Too Old and Too Ugly!

Recently I decided to find a job! Working for yourself can be hard; finding paying jobs even harder, alas I have been told I Am Too Old and Too Ugly! A while ago I was […]

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Past My Sell By Date

After working for myself for the last 5 years I recently decided to get a job; alas it looks like I am Past My Sell By Date! Can 50 really be too old? From now […]

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Cloisters Cafe Petersfield

Cloisters is simply the Best Cafe in Petersfield What makes a great Cafe? Is it the food, the coffee, the staff or the ambience? I think Cloisters is simply the Best Cafe in Petersfield because […]